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Final Exam on June 6th and 7th

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Extra Credit Opportunity

Students will earn extra credit based on the number of skills practiced and the number of skills mastered on Khanacademy between Tuesday(3/3) and Thursday(3/5). Good Luck

Extra Credit

Students will receive extra credit based off the number of 7th and 8th grade skills they master during Spring Break.


This is a reminder that the math final exams will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 16th and 17th.

Solving Equations Test Retake (MATH 8)

The solving equations test retake will take place during lunch on Thursday and Friday. 
Requirements to take this test:
  • Students must come in during lunch at least twice before Thursday to work with me.
  • Students that do not come in twice will not be allowed to retake the test.


While students are home, they can work on Khanacadey.
Khanacademy is good resource for practicing math skills.