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Fall Term Exploratory

Paige Fessler

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 Fall Term Exploratory with Ms. Fessler. First quarter: Art. Second quarter: Coding and computers.

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Science/Innovation Fair

The date for the Innovation Fair has been changed. Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 23. Projects will be on display from 5-7 and prizes will be awarded. Extra credit will be given to each student in attendance. 

Science Fair Outline Format

Science Fair Outline Format

USE One of the following: (SM) OR (EDP)

For the Scientific Method (SM):

Scientific Method is a step-by-step approach to solving a problem.

Make a brief outline using the following criteria:

Your full Name and science class

Title of the experiment

  1. Ask a research QUESTION
  2. Create a HYPOTHESIS to predict what you think the solution is (If………, then……..)
  3. Identify all VARIABLES:
  • Control
  • Independant
  • Dependant
  1. PROCEDURE: Create the procedure of your EXPERIMENT to test your solution.

(make sure to number the steps)

  1. 5. DATA TABLE: Create a data table that you think will be used in your experiment (You don’t need to put actual numbers, just a table with variables).


For the Engineering Design Process (EDP):

State all steps of the (EDP) and write a brief explanation for each step relating to your design.

Your full name and science class

Title of your design

  1. Ask: Identify the need or problem.
  2. Research the problem.
  3. Imagine: Develop possible solutions.
  4. Plan: Select best possible solutions.
  5. Create: Build a prototype (need to write the procedure on how to build your model).
  6. Test and evaluate prototype.
  7. Improve: Redesign as needed.

Use this picture of a layout to help you plan what you want to create. If you are designing something, use the steps of engineering design rather than the steps of the scientific method. 

Science Fair

Mark your calendars! 6th grade science fair will be on the 6th grade campus on Tuesday, May 22 2018 from 5-7 PM. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Annual Fundraiser

The annual fundraiser for Valley Charter Elementary and Middle Schools is coming up this Saturday. I'm looking forward to being there, and I hope to see you there too. At the fundraiser, there will be dinner, dancing, and a raffle with some amazing prizes. You can still order your tickets online by going to Let's have some fun as a Valley Charter community! See you there!

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