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7th Grade Math Block C (Period C)

Ms. Kaylee Acuna

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Surface Area Quiz | Tuesday May 15

Surface Area Test will be on...
- Naming 3D Figures (pyramids and prisms)
- Drawing Surface Area Nets
- Calculating the surface area of pyramids and prisms. 

Scheduled Quiz| Friday Dec. 15th

There will be a quiz on the distributive property on Friday.

Percents Tests | Scheduled for Thursday Nov. 16th

Students will be tested on the following.
  • Percent Error 
  • Percent Change
  • Simple Interest.

Nov. 13 | No Homework

No Homework, we will finish our classwork on percent change and percent error in class.

Nov. 8th | No Homework

No Homework. However, students, should be studying for their quiz tomorrow, on Thursday Nov. 9th.  Quiz will be modeled after Nov. 7th's Homework assignment.

Quiz | Scheduled for Thursday 9th

Students will have a quiz on Thursday November 9th. Quiz will be 4 problems VERY similar to those on Tuesday's homework. 

Nov. 6 | No Homework

No homework. Students will continue to practice solving real world problems dealing with percents and proportions in class.