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Mission & Vision


Valley Charter Middle School believes that all children deserve an education that is both academically excellent and individually focused to recognize and capture the whole potential of each student. We believe children of all backgrounds should learn together and from one another, and that communities and parents can create great schools and provide the highest quality education to all children.

Propelled by these beliefs, we strive to provide the building blocks of every student's future through an exceptional education that values and respects diversity, intellectual curiosity, collaboration, self-discovery, and the greater world in which we live.

Four core efforts support our mission:
  • DIVERSITY: Create a school that closes the achievement gap by serving a mixed and diverse socio-economic population.
  • CONSTRUCTIVISM: Utilize a hands-on, experience-based curriculum that educates the whole child, including each student's academic, social, emotional, physical and artistic attributes.
  • COMMUNITY: Foster a reciprocal relationship of service and support within the school and throughout the surrounding community.
  • GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: Equip each student with an understanding of their world, their responsibilities and opportunities as global citizens.