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Zoom Links and School Descriptions

Crespi High School
Crespi is an all-boys Catholic Private school with approx. 500 students. Application due date is January 15 2021.  Recommendation due date is February 1, 2021. 
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Meeting ID: 980 8798 0664
VIP High School
College. Communication. Culture.  These three words define the experience at Valley International Prep.  From the beginning, students are exposed to a college-preparatory environment that gets them excited about the many opportunities that they can have after high school.  Our graduates have gone on to four-year colleges and universities in more than two dozen states, Canada, and Europe. Our small class sizes, discussion-based and engaging teaching, and various elective offerings teach students to become effective communicators in a variety of formats for a variety of purposes.  Finally, our small-school environment and passionate staff deliver a personalized experience that only a small-school environment can provide.  College, communication, culture… it’s what we do.
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Daniel Pearl Magnet High School
Daniel Pearl Magnet is an award-winning Journalism, Communications, and Broadcasting magnet of about 300 students that has consistently ranked in the top 5% of high schools in the nation according to US News and World Report. We offer a rigorous, standards-based curriculum in a small, personalized setting. Students at Daniel Pearl have the opportunity to enroll in our Pierce College dual enrollment program.  Students are able to complete both high school and college credits while attending Pearl. We also offer a full sports program in conjunction with our next-door neighbor, Birmingham High School.  Despite our small size, students can experience big school sports, with a small school learning experience. Applications, due by November 20, can be submitted through the LAUSD echoices website.
Meeting ID: 811 4353 6967
Passcode: 893793
CHAMPS: Charter High School of the Arts-Performing & Multimedia
Enrollment: Approximately 600 Students
School Type: Public, Independent Charter School
CHAMPS Mission: Educate, Guide, and Inspire Creative & Critical Thinking Through Artistic Experience

CHAMPS Vision: To align passion with purpose in the pursuit of dedicated excellence.

CHAMPS Educational Philosophy: To combine academic, arts-infused, service and social-emotional learning into an educational approach that facilitates the growth, independence, curiosity, and maturity of each student. 

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Meeting ID: 854 2106 5889
Passcode: 330579


High Tech Los Angeles

HighTech Los Angeles (HTLA) is a free, public independent Charter High School located in Van Nuys. HTLA is a diverse community of active learners with students who are productive, self-directed learners, engaged in rigorous, relevant work. HTLA is home to 370 students in grades 9 - 12. Our students represent the full socio-economic and cultural diversity of Los Angeles. HTLA is a Title I school. Fifty percent of our students qualify for the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch program, and about the same amount identify as a first generation college student. Student learning is enhanced by individual and group projects, and is integrated with real-world technology.  With a deep commitment to impact the job readiness of students, HTLA is ambitious in the exploration of STEM studies. Simultaneously, as we have grown over the years, our humanities staff has proven itself to also be equally strong and demanding as demonstrated by our student’s future interests.  All students receive a rigorous college–bound curriculum and must meet or exceed the A-G requirements for entrance into the University of California as their high school graduation requirements.

Meeting ID: 949 5321 2491
Passcode: c339yd
Grant College Prep and Digital Arts Magnet
The Grant College Prep and Digital Arts Magnet is a public LAUSD Magnet program of 400 students and 14 teachers. We provide a college experience in a high school setting by pushing students to be creative and critical thinkers, rather than passive consumers of knowledge. In the Lower Division program (Grades 9 & 10), teachers provide students with the prerequisite knowledge, skills, and habits of mind they need to be successful in their ongoing academic endeavors. Students learn how to read and write like scholars, and to think like artists, scientists, historians, and mathematicians. Coursework in the Upper Division program (Grades 11 & 12) pushes students to find connections between the disciplines, and to synthesize knowledge gained from examining multiple, and often divergent, perspectives. Seminar-style classes foster closer collaboration between students and teachers, and inquiry-driven projects encourage students to see themselves as skilled researchers, creative problem-solvers, and lifelong learners.  Technology and digital media are integrated across the academic curricula, from our projects in web design and podcasting to our exclusive Magnet pathways such as Filmmaking, Digital Photography, and Digital Imaging.
Sequoyah High School
Sequoyah School, founded in 1958, opened its doors to high school students in fall
2016. Our community is defined by Sequoyah's long-held values: diversity, active
citizenship, advocacy for social justice, and environmental stewardship. Our high
school teachers challenge students to use their knowledge and skills to solve
essential questions at the heart of contemporary issues.
Sequoyah’s high school offers a rigorous and innovative college preparatory
curriculum in a student-centered, experiential, and collaborative learning
environment. Practicing the values articulated through Sequoyah School’s Habits of
Mind, students and teachers thoughtfully and creatively explore and improve their
Our curriculum is designed to inspire students’ curiosity and provide opportunities to
apply learning to meaningful and authentic contexts, and our collaborative culture
allows students to feel comfortable sharing an opinion or new idea. It is a culture
that values intellectual risk-taking, where one can learn from failure, confidently
seek out feedback, and develop a greater sense of ownership of one’s learning.
Students develop initiative and self-direction through advanced college preparatory
coursework and field studies emphasizing global perspectives and cultural
competency. Faculty advisors guide students over four years through strategies for
social, emotional and academic learning.
Sequoyah is committed to an education that challenges the mind, nurtures the
heart, and celebrates human dignity. Our community honors and reflects the ethnic,
cultural and economic diversity of Southern California.
Sequoyah School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges
and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.
Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 954 6346 5162
de Toledo High School (formerly New Community Jewish High School)
Location: 22622 Vanowen Street, West Hills, CA 91307
Number of Students: 400
Type: Jewish Private/Independent
de Toledo High School is an independent coed, 9th-12th grade college preparatory Jewish day school that pairs unwavering academic rigor with a culture of kindness. The school aspires to produce exceptional students and “A+” human beings. The school has a student body of over 400 from 50 zip codes, and offers 145 academic courses, 5 world languages, 70 electives, and 18 Advanced Placement courses; 26 competitive athletic teams; 7 global travel opportunities; award-winning musical theatre productions; science and entrepreneurial academies; social action and interest clubs.  A staff of three full-time College Guidance counselors provide highly individualized counseling beginning in 9th grade and throughout the entire college application process. There is bus transportation from selected areas in the SF Valley and LA City.
Notre Dame High School

Notre Dame High School is a private, Catholic secondary school. Founded by Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1947, Notre Dame has been co-educational since 1983. Located in Sherman Oaks, CA, Notre Dame has a diverse community with students from varied cultural and economic backgrounds.

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Meeting ID: 971 2625 2988
Passcode: 534348


Granada Hills Charter High School

Granada Hills Charter High School’s mission is to prepare students for college and career readiness. GHCHS College Prep (CP), Honors (H), Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses meet the UC and CSU course requirements and NCAA requirements. Advanced Placement and Honors Classes are available in all programs. The academic programs satisfy the UC and CSU A-G requirements. Students who graduate from GHCHS with a grade of “C” or better in the A-G courses are UC and CSU eligible. To help students meet the foreign language requirement, Granada’s World Languages and Cultures Department o ers courses in six languages. In addition to comprehensive Honors and College Prep programs, Pierce College courses are also available after school on the Zelzah campus.

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Meeting ID: 987 511 3299

Passcode: 114401


Cleveland Global Media Studies Magnet

Meeting ID: 886 5481 4623


Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences

The mission of Valley Academy of Arts & Sciences is to provide a rigorous innovative interdisciplinary curriculum to develop all students’ intellectual skills and creative talents. VAAS graduates are literate, cultured individuals who can communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems, and work collaboratively in diverse groups.
Meeting ID: 868 5245 2322
Passcode: 675943