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Student Supply List

These are the supplies we would like all students to have. If you have any trouble obtaining classroom supplies, please contact the office:

All Students

Lock for locker*

Water bottle

5 composition books

Spiral notebook

USB Flash drive


Blue or black pens

Red pens

Lined paper

Graph paper


Colored pencils

3 jumbo glue sticks


Post-it Notes (½ inch size)


Independent reading book


Additional Item for Sixth Grade

5 folders with prongs (one blue, one yellow, one red, one black, and one other color of students’ choosing)

Additional Item for Seventh and Eighth Grade

1 inch binders with dividers

*Each student will be given a lock for their locker on the first day of school. However, students are welcome to bring their own combination lock (not a lock with a key) if they prefer a different style than what is provided. All locker combinations will be kept on file in the office.