The Color FUNdRACER is Coming to VCMS!


  Pictures from our 2017 fundraiser         


What is a Color FUNdRACER?

VCMS students will participate by running as many laps as they can in 30 minutes. The students will have a computerized chip in their bib to calculate how many laps they complete. Students will collect donations for participating in the event. 




Why Color?

VCMS students will be splashed with colored paint while they run. Paint does not stain and is non-toxic.


How do donations benefit VCMS?

100% of the donations will go towards the purchase of a new Computer Cart, as well as to help fund our field trips and campus enhancements.


What do students do before the event?

  1. Collect Donations!

Ask family, friends, relatives, neighbors, parents’ friends and co-workers to sponsor you as you race to have fun  and improve your physical fitness!   Donations are not based on how many laps you finish, but just for participating in this great event!  $150 is just getting 15 sponsors to donate $10 each!

  1. Keep track of donations by using the ONLINE DONATION PAGE - Click on the 'DONATE' button on the right side of this page.  Or you can use your PERSONAL TRACKER.
  2. Turn in donations (checks/cash) to the VCMS office by Wednesday May 22, 2018


Can donations be made online?

YES!  Click on the 'DONATE' button on the right side of this page.


PLEASE don't forget:

add the name of the student you are supporting on the checkout page.  


What is the money for?

All donations will directly pay for a new computer cart and will support field trips, teaching assistants in each classroom, and upgrades to our campus.


Can parents come?

Yes! Parents are needed to cheer on the students!

Parents can also volunteer to help out with the event. Keep an eye out for a SignUp Genius e-mail to volunteer.


Can students win prizes for fundraising?

Yes! Each student will receive a student-designed Color FUNdRACER t-shirt. There will be prizes for the top students who raise the most money in the school. 

The top student in each grade who run the most laps will receive a prize!

Every student that reaches the $150 goal will receive our NEW VCMS aluminum water bottle.  Each class that raises over $2,500 will get a class party.  Prizes include the following*:



Big thanks to our sponsors:





 E-mail us at


*NOTE: Only one prize awarded per student.  Prizes are subject to change.   



Top 10 students, as of close of school, 5/29/18:


Jackson, Symera           $1,205.00
Plotkin, Carly                    $915.00
Jovel, Antonio                   $860.00
Cuasito, Nia                      $830.00
Lettich, Cristin                  $775.00
Roth, Mae                        $525.00
Goldzweig, Lily                 $405.00
Schenck, Ryan                 $375.00
Gomez-Deines, Xochitl    $368.00
Olmstead, Chelsea          $365.00
Roscoe-Graff, Isaac         $350.00